Tuesday, January 24, 2006

EasyObjects.NET 1.0 Released

Sin embargo, para aquellos que estan atados de manos, les alcanzo otra alternativa.


Based on Microsoft's Enterprise Library EasyObjects.NET is an Object/Relational Mapper (O/RM) data architecture written entirely in C#. Advanced features are also included in EasyObjects.NET, such as support for transactions and a custom query syntax.

Using your existing database schema, EasyObjects.NET combined with MyGeneration can generate a complete data-access layer and business logic layer for you in C# or VB.NET.

Also supported are strongly-typed properties, null value handling, loading via custom stored procedures and loading from a view.

And because EasyObjects.NET is based on Microsoft's Enterprise Library and the Data Access Application Block, you can have the confidence to know that this is a supported architecture, both by Microsoft and the developer community at large.

DAL .NET Enterprise Services

Con cierta frecuencia me preguntan si el DataLayer.Primitives puede ser usado como un componente COM+.

Para todos ellos les alcanzo esta pequeña cita:

"COM+, now called .NET Enterprise Services, is the Microsoft object runtime environment for scalable system development?

In my experience hosting .NET serviced components in COM+ presents a significant performance and scalability penalty due to context-switching and marshaling overhead."

Se entiende, verdad...??? :)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

new year( mode.happy )

Un feliz año 2006 para everyone...!!! Es decir para todos, pe...!

Un sol nuevo nos alumbra este verano... que se las trae, un poco de leña para armar el fogon en las noches cerca al mar y listo...!

Azotame satanás... el pecado hecho mujer...!